Welcome to what life feels
like with Meditation!

You are most likely here because you are curious about meditation and how it could benefit you.  Health, vitality and overall happiness can all be enhanced through meditation.  And it’s easier to learn than you may think. 


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What Makes Meditation So Powerful?

In short, you do!  Just the fact that you are thinking about meditation activated your spiritual energy.  And that energy cannot wait to build a closer relationship with you.  When we take a break from the outside world by Going Within, we cultivate our personal power to create our own reality from the inside out. 

Meditation gives us tools to navigate our inner and outer worlds with more ease and rewarding results.  

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Deep Relaxation

Meditation signals the brain to relax mind and body, allowing our innate intelligence to ‘take the wheel and drive’ for deep relaxation, health and vitality.

Awareness of Present Moment

Meditation increases awareness of the present moment, freeing us from jumping into the future or replaying the past in the form of anxiety and depression.

Shift from Reaction
to Observation

Meditation creates a shift of habit from reacting to observing, allowing space to see the big picture and make decisions that support our goals.

Deeper Relationship with Self

Meditation fosters a closer relationship with ourselves; making us more confident in who we are and less in need of outside validation.

Heal & Grow

Meditation is the Gateway to the Subconscious Mind, allowing us to heal and grow in areas we haven’t had access to without it.
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Go Within Energy & Body Therapies


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August 20, 2022

Feel Better With Qigong

Combining breath, stretching, energy activation and flowing movements, Qigong teaches us how to cultivate positive energy flow within our body, mind, heart and spirit. 

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Go Within Energy & Body Therapies

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Free qigong class

My Entry into Qigong

Never a habitual exerciser, I love the simplicity and relaxed nature of Qigong.  I now have a toolbox full of techniques to employ when I am tired, anxious, or overwhelmed for increased enjoyment of each day. 

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Time to Meditate

Who’s Got Time to Meditate?

When we meditate, no matter what the style, we expand our minds’ capability to process experiences as a result of the neuropathways that are strengthened by using our minds in this new way. 

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