Time is one of the greatest gifts humans are given and boy, are we good at filling it.  I must admit, when I hear people say they don’t have time to meditate, my inner reaction is a cringe and the thought that we all have the same 24 hours in our day.  What we have time for is what we prioritize.  Sadly, and all too often, we are not taught to or encouraged to prioritize ourselves.  But when we fail to, our energy reserves are easily depleted and the bucket scrapes nothing but rocks and dirt at the bottom of our well.

Making Time to Meditate

There is just no way to be the best version of ourselves when we are drained of energy and don’t know how to acquire more.  When we meditate, no matter what the style, we expand our minds’ capability to process experiences as a result of the neuropathways that are strengthened by using our minds in this new way.  It’s as if we have lived in the same house our whole lives one day stumbling into a room we never knew was there, only to discover that it’s not only a control center but also our “Beam me up” portal to the Universe.  When we are in the zone, we are aware of being each of our cells and every molecule in the Universe all at the same time.

I know that sounds like a lot, and perhaps a bit melodramatic.  But I can assure you, by my personal experience, the time I take out of my day to meditate becomes one of the best parts of it.  On any given day, I may go into my practice feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tired, impatient or happy, excited or grateful.  As I connect to my breath, things begin to slow down, fall away and I am able to slip through the doorway that takes me to my inner space where I feel connected to my essence.

The experience I am gifted with is sometimes subtly peaceful.  Other times, it is cathartic and powerful.  Every time, it is what I need.  Whether a feeling, connection with loved ones who have passed, or a message received, I return to the outside world feeling better – lighter, freer, more sure of my direction in some way, and always with my battery charged.   All in 15-20 minutes once or twice a day.  Simply by focusing my mind on being present for myself.

Spending Time to Meditate Pays Off

How do I see my time paying off, you may be wondering?  As I care for my mother who is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, I can very clearly see an improvement in my patience and overall approach with her, even when I am tired.  My state of mind has had a direct effect on her and how our day goes, in either direction.  Meditation has given me the ability to put space between myself and my stressors, making it much easier to see new solutions.

The more I practice, the quicker the process of dropping into this dimension of meditation, making it that much more of a quick and effective pit-stop to top off my energy supply.  My practice of Qigong, a form of moving meditation, has also enhanced my physical well-being.  That story, I will save for another time.

As I wrap this up, I challenge you to make a list of your daily activities and notice where you can give yourself 5-15 minutes once or twice a day to invest in yourself.  In going within to find your deepest self and cultivate that relationshipyou take a personal adventure that not everyone chooses to take advantage of.

So, who has time to meditate?  My response is, who doesn’t have time to meditate when it means showing up better for everything we do?

When I began meditating regularly back in 1998, my teacher supplied me with some useful practice tips including keeping a journal of my experiences.  As I had been writing a diary since age 12 and was in the process of filing for divorce, I was all in on documenting the wonderful meditations I was experiencing at my weekly class.  It is now several books full of revelations and drawings of scenes from my adventures.  Journaling as a meditation tool has strengthened my practice as well as my external world through its ability to cement and remind me of my inner wisdom.

Writing or drawing about our meditative visions helps bring that energy from unformed to formed, which is especially powerful when we are using manifestation as our intention.  Meditations, though vivid, can sometimes fade into the background of our consciousness as we become enthralled in everyday life.  Having our a-ha moments or favorite techniques in an accessible place is a tool for reminding ourselves of the lessons we have learned from our own innate wisdom.  The more we write it, the more we connect with it and the more comfortable we become making the choices that will lead to the achievement of what we manifested.  We have the power to make something out of nothing and having a journal of that will help support you through the process.

Journaling our Meditation Validates our Unique  Inner Wisdom

We all wonder, at some point in our meditation practice, if we are “doing it right”.  Keeping your journal updated with each meditation experience will help you to see what you have gained from your practice.  It will reinforce your new habit of mindfulness and connect you more deeply with how you feel about the conditions of your human existence.  How can we go deeper within to discover who we are underneath familial, societal, and cultural conditioning?

Here are some questions I like to address when I make my journal entries.

  • What type of meditation did I practice today? (guided meditation, progressive, Metta, QiGong, etc)
  • What revelations or noteworthy thoughts or inspirations came to my mind during or following my practice?
  • What was/were the prevailing emotions that came up?
  • Is there a course of action I can take to support my inner wisdom?
  • Do I feel there is more work to be done on this topic and, if so, what type (same or different meditation style, exercise, life changes, etc.)?
  • Are there any images that came to mind that I will benefit from drawing?

By examining my experiences afterwards, I free my mind of the responsibility to memorize for the sake of recall, as well as the far-reaching benefit of accessing the emotions of each experience through such personal documentation at any future point in our life.

Not sure where to get starting applying these practice tips?  My self study course, Introduction to Meditation is just the thing to get you started.  This program sets you up for success through exposure to meditation styles from around the world, including Zen, Mindfulness, Metta (Unconditional Love), Hindu Mantras and, my favorite, Taoism and moving meditation, called Qigong.

If you prefer a live group with which to learn and grow, our Zoom sessions will hit the spot.  Start or end your day with one of our weekly groups, supported simply by the donations of our grateful participants.  For our current schedule of live, Zoom meditation sessions, click here.

I am excited for you as you embark on a meditative journey, whatever brought you and whatever your goals are.  Keeping track of your travels with a journal is a sure-fire way to keep you connected with your unique spirit as you gain familiarity and learn to work with it for your highest good.  You will get the most out of the adventure as you Go Within YOUR Energy & Body if you don’t discount the value of journaling as a meditative tool.

As a young woman, I did exactly what I thought was the responsible path – graduated from college, started a safe, corporate career, and got married.  The only problem was that none of that made me happy or excited about my future.  The longer I tried to make the best of things, the more my spirit rebelled in the form of acute back pain.  Dissatisfied with the prescribed pharmaceutical therapies, I decided to try a guided meditation class for relief.  I left that very first meditation 100% confident that if I ever wanted to be happy, I needed to make some serious changes – starting with divorce and a complete change of career.  My first lesson was that of having a supportive and generous teacher who could help me find my own way in the world.

Learning to Meditate

As I learned how to meditate, I uncovered my own inner wisdom; the courage to trust it, follow it, and know that I will learn something interesting from every experience I go into with an open heart and mind.  That’s when I began to carve my own life based on what made me happy.  Chasing a paycheck wasn’t it.

Learning to recognize what felt true and right to me, led not only to an end to that acute pain and the wrong relationship but to a rewarding and fulfilling career in Massage Therapy and Reiki, including teaching in two Massage Therapy schools in Connecticut over the years.  As both practitioner and teacher, I have loved seeing people blossom as they began to feel better, inside and out.  I have enjoyed being a source of positivity in my clients’ and students’ lives and cherish the trust placed in me.

With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, everything changed for my massage career, though I had already been meditating with the purpose of finding a new professional challenge to take into my next chapter of life.  Before I knew it, meditation itself was calling out to be my next endeavor and I could not have been more excited about taking that deep dive and leap of faith.  With certifications in teaching both meditation and Qigong, the ancient Taoist moving meditation, my path has once again become clear.

Sharing the beauty and benefits of meditation has been a lifetime in the making as I have used it to intentionally manifest a beautiful life full of love, authentic expressions, and more external rewards than I ever imagined I would have.

Please take a read through my journal entries for more on my meditation journey and what you might expect could come of yours!   I heartily invite you to Go Within and find YOUR path to a more joyful human experience.