Welcome to My Journal

Here you will find helpful tidbits, insights, and inspirations to aid you in your journey.  Some shared with me by my teachers and others my own discoveries through over twenty years of practice.  The greatest gift I have ever given myself is the relationship with myself.  May you find the same.

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My Entry into Qigong

Never a habitual exerciser, I love the simplicity and relaxed nature of Qigong.  I now have a toolbox full of techniques to employ when I am tired, anxious, or overwhelmed for increased enjoyment of each day. 

Time to Meditate

Who’s Got Time to Meditate?

When we meditate, no matter what the style, we expand our minds’ capability to process experiences as a result of the neuropathways that are strengthened by using our minds in this new way. 


How did I get here?

As a young woman, I did exactly what I thought was the responsible path – graduated from college, started a safe, corporate career, and got married.  The only problem was that none of that made me happy or excited about my future.


August 20, 2022

Feel Better With Qigong

Combining breath, stretching, energy activation and flowing movements, Qigong teaches us how to cultivate positive energy flow within our body, mind, heart and spirit. 

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