WhEN we meditate,
we connect with our true self

Meditation is one of the easiest and healthiest practices a human can have. Bring your sense of adventure as you Go Within and discover the passion, power and beauty inside yourself and the Universe.

What do you have to gain from meditation?

Have you ever wondered where you fit in the Universe?  How life moves within your body and how you can harness that energy for a more enjoyable human experience?  Maybe you are considering strategies for decreasing stress, increasing focus or connecting with your sense of self and purpose.  With meditation – we develop the ability to achieve more.  More life to every day.  More health to every breath.  More excitement within each relationship.  More connection with nature and the Universe.  And most powerful of all, more self-love. 

I invite you to Go Within yourself as you enjoy any or all of my meditation programs and find a supportive community with our live and virtual events.


Become a successful meditator with these five weekly lessons and practice sessions delivered right to your inbox.

Introduction to Meditation

Are you interested in trying meditation but have no idea where to begin in the sea of traditions and techniques?  Are you concerned that meditation takes years to master and you just don’t have time for one more commitment?  Are you looking for natural tools to address physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disharmony?  Then Introduction to Meditation is for you!

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Monthly Group Meditation Membership


Invest in yourself and the depths to which you can reach inside yourself with our regular meditation groups.

Tune in live when you can or practice along with the replays when it suits you with new weekly classes offered throughout the month.

August 20, 2022

Feel Better With Qigong

Combining breath, stretching, energy activation and flowing movements, Qigong teaches us how to cultivate positive energy flow within our body, mind, heart and spirit. 

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