A whole new way of being is just ahead

Travel with me as we explore meditation practices from across the globe, increasing your comfort with the process and deepening relationships with yourself and the world around you.

Introduction to Meditation

Start with questions, finish with answers.  Treat yourself to practical tools to become a successful meditator through exposure to traditions from around the world.  Every week, you will learn about and practice the most popular meditation styles on earth including branches of Buddhism, Hindu Mantras, Taoism and more.  Find one style you love or create a personal hybrid with your new depth of knowledge and experience!

Each Week You'll Receive...

introduction to meditation

Questions & Answers

This introductory course is for anyone interested in learning about the meditation traditions of many cultures, for those interested in establishing their own meditation practice and for those looking to deepen their relationship with self and the outside world.

Course materials are emailed to you each of the ten weeks in the series.  We recommend that you save the materials to your computer to ensure easy access.

Once received, you have complete access.  The course does not need to be completed in ten weeks, nor do you need to complete one in order to access subsequent material.  Use and reuse these recordings to deepen your practice for years to come.

Ten emails delivered once a week including education, practice instruction, a breathing technique, audio file with a guided meditation in the style of the week and suggested questions to use for journaling your meditation experience.

sample Meditation: Where AM I?

Coming into the present moment by sensing our surroundings.


introduction to meditation

“Courtney has made meditation ‘easy’ - not only by introducing me to the many types of meditation, but her approach has made it more accessible by removing the judgment of ‘doing it right’ and I now look forward to our sessions together.”

-Rebecca M.

introduction to meditation

“I had never tried meditation - and never thought it would work for me. Courtney has changed my mind - literally!”

-Jason M.

introduction to meditation

I was so relaxed and at peace last night after the meditation. Each experience I have had with the monthly meditations have left me with a “Gee, I didn’t know I needed that!” feeling. You are truly blessed and I thank you for sharing your healing talents.

-Donna K.

May 28, 2022

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