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My Entry into Qigong

“Miss C!  I went to a Qigong workshop last weekend, and it is SO YOU!”

This was my first introduction to Qigong from a massage student over a decade ago.  Being in a busy chapter of life, I let that comment go, feeling I had the tools I needed and wasn’t looking for anything new.   Few experiences enter my mind as “regrets” as I am thrilled with my life and am grateful for every step that brought me here, but I could not be more relieved to have been reminded of that recommendation to try Qigong ten years later, in 2020.

Re-exposed as part of my meditation teacher training, Qigong piqued my interest as a form of preventative medicine and moving meditation just as I was feeling drawn to adding an aspect of movement to my Massage Therapy and Reiki practice.  When I got to the part of its description referencing self-massage, I knew it HAD to be my next step.

Qigong is so easy to do…

Once I had decided, it was a matter of finding the right training course, which I did with Holden Qigong’s Teacher Training.  Lee Holden is an American Acupuncturist and Qigong Master with 30 years of experience teaching Qigong to Westerners.  There really is a difference; as Westerners are raised with a much more external focus of awareness than traditionally found in Eastern cultures.  It takes a different approach to educate others on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine to shift that focus more toward an inward awareness.

Over the course of my 8 months of certification work, I saw incredible results.  My joint pains diminished, I was experiencing a cleansing and rebalancing of emotional energies that left me feeling happier and less stressed out, and most objectively speaking, my lung function increased from 95%-113% in that time, just from doing these easy movements.

Never a habitual exerciser, I love the simplicity and relaxed nature of Qigong.  Daily workouts can be done in 15-20 minutes, while weekly classes tend to last an hour.  Easy peasy!  I now have a toolbox full of techniques to employ when I am tired, anxious, or overwhelmed for increased enjoyment of each day.  I can even benefit from merely thinking about the movements if I am not in a position to physically express them.  Taking a deep breath and counting to ten when upset is a very common use of Qigong most of us use without a thought or any Qigong training – it is what comes naturally to us!

How to practice Qigong with me…

Organized into 6-week series, I am offering a rotating program of classes to address Balancing our Energies, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Qigong for Better Balance, and Heart Health.  Qigong’s preventative care exercises are also adaptable and appropriate for existing imbalances causing pain or decrease in function.  Take a look at my Qigong page for more details!

This is a practice I love and will continue for the rest of my life.  I wholeheartedly invite you to give it a try!


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