Achieve Less Stress and
More Energy with Qigong

Simply stated, Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is a practice for less stress and more energy.  Inevitably, people who hear this want to learn more.  When I follow up by sharing that a qigong class encompasses the benefits of a gym workout, yoga class and meditation all in one, their next response is usually, “Sign me up!”  Everyone is looking for what Qigong has to offer.  For that reason, Go Within Qigong is now offered online and in person!

Qigong – What’s it all about?

Originating over 4,000 years ago with Taoist sages in China, Qigong is a practice of gentle movements inspired by nature.  By moving as nature does, we allow ourselves awareness of our inner rhythms and flow that mimic the Universe.  When we loosen our grip on the external circumstances of our lives, when we learn to go inward for wisdom and validation, we achieve a life of effortless ease that is reflected in our health, relationships, energy supply and ability to see opportunities we may have overlooked, otherwise.

Considered the Highest Branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine for its empowerment and as implied by the quote below, to know Qigong can only be by doing Qigong.

“The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.
The name that can be named is not the eternal Name.” – Lao-tzu, Tao Te Ching

Introduction to Qigong

Six-week in-person introduction series with each class following the structure of warm-ups, stretches, breathing, flows with and without standing postures, centering, and a short meditation.

Qigong membership

Monthy Qigong Membership

Connect with your internal power source for less stress and more energy with Qigong!  Each class will follow the basic structure of warm-ups, stretches, breathing, flows with or without standing postures, centering, and a short meditation and will be delivered right to your inbox.  This beautiful form of moving meditation allows us to let go of tension and heal from the inside out as we uncover the incredible spirit dwelling within.  

With long and short routines to choose from it has never been easier to fit into your morning, afternoon, or nighttime routine to experience enhancements in all areas of life!

August 20, 2022

Feel Better With Qigong

Combining breath, stretching, energy activation and flowing movements, Qigong teaches us how to cultivate positive energy flow within our body, mind, heart and spirit. 

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