Connect with your internal power source

Although Qigong is an individual experience, our online community shares energy and grows as a powerful support system for the practice of each individual within it.  I invite you to come and find your people within.

Monthly Group Qigong Membership

Connect with your internal power source for less stress and more energy with Qigong!  Each class will follow the basic structure of warm-ups, stretches, breathing, flows with or without standing postures, centering, and a short meditation and will be delivered right to your inbox.  This beautiful form of moving meditation allows us to let go of tension and heal from the inside out as we uncover the incredible spirit dwelling within.  With long and short routines to choose from it has never been easier to fit into your morning, afternoon, or nighttime routine to experience enhancements in all areas of life!

Each Month You'll Receive Access to...

Introduction to Qigong

Questions & Answers

For those at a distance or whose schedule just doesn’t work with our in-person classes and are looking for an effective and efficient way to exercise mind, body and spirit in one practice, our online classes are just the thing.

Members will receive a weekly email with links to the Qigong classes.

Each of the two weekly Qigong classes will be accessible for a rolling 30 days to ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy your favorites again and again.

Members will have access to two new Qigong classes every week – one long (60 minutes or more) and one short (20-30 minutes) routines.  Each class includes warm-ups, stretches, flows, centering, and meditation as we connect with the flow of nature, relaxing and releasing tension.  Replay them throughout the week for all the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits of regular Qigong practice.

Loose, comfortable clothing that you can move in is perfect for Qigong.

May 28, 2022

Feel Better With Qigong

Combining breath, stretching, energy activation and flowing movements, Qigong teaches us how to cultivate positive energy flow within our body, mind, heart and spirit. 

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