The Right Meditation Teacher Can Change Your World

When I think back across the meditation teachers I have been blessed with, I see their lessons brought to life in mine and it makes my heart swell with gratitude, for I have created a life of inner happiness. I am truly my own best friend and have those meditation teachers to thank. It is a remarkable gift that few in Western society choose to explore.  So who does need a meditation teacher?  The answer is – anyone with questions or goals that go beyond what you’re getting on free meditation apps.  Anyone who wants to go deeper, to learn more about yourself and your place in the universe as well as your more every day world.  When I began my search, I knew there was something more to life than the external world.  I longed to learn about my spirit.  These gurus, though non of them call themselves that, taught me to access and trust my inner wisdom.  Who else can teach us these things but one who has gone where we want to go?

Meditation Teachers are a Beacon of Light

My recent weekends at the Chester Fairs have been wonderful opportunities to be that beacon for others as I enjoyed our conversations about Qigong, Guided and Zen meditation, how meditative work can alleviate anxiety and the very basics of energetics as vibrations moving through time and space. To make those conversations available within a more mainstream arena is important in the development of the curious. Heady stuff and so refreshing to connect with you, my audience of curious and inspired kids and adults!

Curiosity Knows No Chronological Age

My role as a meditation teacher is to add fuel to the fire each student brings. It is to help students learn to trust the inner wisdom you receive so you have the courage to act on it and co-create a life on inner joy, peace, and love for yourself. My students have ranged in age from 10 to 87 and with each a special bond is shared as we connect for however long as travelers of the universe.

I invite you to begin your journey into the world of meditation – to the inner world of YOU – with my 10-part series, Introduction to Meditation wherein you will receive ten weekly lessons in global meditation traditions from Guided Imagery to Zen, to Hindu Mantras and Taoist practices for endless abundance. Each with its own guided meditation. You will find your style or styles at your pace and your meditation teacher is just an email away when you have questions or just want to connect.

My goal is always to be as relevant a Meditation Teacher to those who seek as I have had.  If you are looking to connect with me live, you can find me at The Red Barn in Durham on October 30, 2021 or at any of my regularly scheduled events.

Here for you,


When I began meditating regularly back in 1998, my teacher supplied me with some useful practice tips including keeping a journal of my experiences.  As I had been writing a diary since age 12 and was in the process of filing for divorce, I was all in on documenting the wonderful meditations I was experiencing at my weekly class.  It is now several books full of revelations and drawings of scenes from my adventures.  Journaling as a meditation tool has strengthened my practice as well as my external world through its ability to cement and remind me of my inner wisdom.

Writing or drawing about our meditative visions helps bring that energy from unformed to formed, which is especially powerful when we are using manifestation as our intention.  Meditations, though vivid, can sometimes fade into the background of our consciousness as we become enthralled in everyday life.  Having our a-ha moments or favorite techniques in an accessible place is a tool for reminding ourselves of the lessons we have learned from our own innate wisdom.  The more we write it, the more we connect with it and the more comfortable we become making the choices that will lead to the achievement of what we manifested.  We have the power to make something out of nothing and having a journal of that will help support you through the process.

Journaling our Meditation Validates our Unique  Inner Wisdom

We all wonder, at some point in our meditation practice, if we are “doing it right”.  Keeping your journal updated with each meditation experience will help you to see what you have gained from your practice.  It will reinforce your new habit of mindfulness and connect you more deeply with how you feel about the conditions of your human existence.  How can we go deeper within to discover who we are underneath familial, societal, and cultural conditioning?

Here are some questions I like to address when I make my journal entries.

  • What type of meditation did I practice today? (guided meditation, progressive, Metta, QiGong, etc)
  • What revelations or noteworthy thoughts or inspirations came to my mind during or following my practice?
  • What was/were the prevailing emotions that came up?
  • Is there a course of action I can take to support my inner wisdom?
  • Do I feel there is more work to be done on this topic and, if so, what type (same or different meditation style, exercise, life changes, etc.)?
  • Are there any images that came to mind that I will benefit from drawing?

By examining my experiences afterwards, I free my mind of the responsibility to memorize for the sake of recall, as well as the far-reaching benefit of accessing the emotions of each experience through such personal documentation at any future point in our life.

Not sure where to get starting applying these practice tips?  My self study course, Introduction to Meditation is just the thing to get you started.  This program sets you up for success through exposure to meditation styles from around the world, including Zen, Mindfulness, Metta (Unconditional Love), Hindu Mantras and, my favorite, Taoism and moving meditation, called Qigong.

If you prefer a live group with which to learn and grow, our Zoom sessions will hit the spot.  Start or end your day with one of our weekly groups, supported simply by the donations of our grateful participants.  For our current schedule of live, Zoom meditation sessions, click here.

I am excited for you as you embark on a meditative journey, whatever brought you and whatever your goals are.  Keeping track of your travels with a journal is a sure-fire way to keep you connected with your unique spirit as you gain familiarity and learn to work with it for your highest good.  You will get the most out of the adventure as you Go Within YOUR Energy & Body if you don’t discount the value of journaling as a meditative tool.